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Jennifer O'Connor

President & Principal Consultant

Jennifer is a veteran strategist who knows how to turn customer insights into ROI-driven programs. Her more than 20-year career integrates a rare combination of marketing and business experience with hundreds of research studies. Jennifer is a Certified Usability Analyst through Human Factors International, and earned a Masters in Business Communication, with a focus on website user experience, from the University of St. Thomas, MN.

Jennifer’s broad B2B and B2C industry experience ranges from building relationships and retaining project focus to translating the voice of the customer. Prior to founding R&D; Insight, Jennifer held management positions at a variety of leading companies. She was the first Usability and Customer Analytics Manager at BestBuy.com. She’s also served as Internal Integrated Marketing Consultant for Medtronic; User Experience and Strategy Director for interactive agency Atomic Playpen; and Strategic Insight Director for agency BI.


Consultants & Research Facilities

Depending your needs, R&D Insight will assemble a team of collaborators which may include consultant researchers, analysts, information architects, research facilities, recruiting firms and technology partners.

Technologies & Tools

R&D Insight leverages a range of technologies, including those used to execute quantitative surveys, analytics, online usability tests, remote research (remote usability tests, online focus groups/webinars), digital ethnography and more.

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The Leede Group

Our facility and recruiting partner, The Leede Group, is featured in photographs throughout this website. Leede Research has a new, state-of-the-art Minneapolis facility that is configurable for one-on-one interviews, triads and focus groups, as well as usability testing and development.

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